Free Lighter with Any Candle Purchase. While Supplies Last

Finding a great smelling candle that doesn’t harm your exotic bird’s sensitive respiratory system is something bird owners have searched high and low for over the years. First, settling on a brand that puts the birds’ safety above the ability to mass-produce the candles at a competitive price can prove challenging, but combining that with candles that smell excellent too? It’s almost unheard of in the bird ownership community. 

When you do find such a business that places the health of your avian friend above mass production, ensuring you have a steady supply of candles each month can help you keep your home smelling great. Whether it’s small batches of seasonal scents or more popular ones, candle lovers everywhere gravitate toward what Parrot Safe Candles has to offer. It’s why we have begun offering yearly and monthly subscriptions for our customers!

What Goes Into a Parrot Safe Subscription?

Our luxury candles featured a wide range of scents that range from seasonal, standard, and other scent preferences that our customers have loved. With one of our subscriptions, you can get monthly and yearly discounts of 15% off all your purchases. You have access to these hand-poured candles that are 100% paraffin wax and phthalate-free, keeping your exotic bird’s lungs free from harmful chemicals. 

Have you found a particular scent profile that you love but don’t want to have to keep paying full price for candle after candle? With a Parrot Safe Candle subscription, you’ll be able to use your 15% off on every purchase and stay well-stocked on the best scents we have to offer!

Benefits of Monthly Subscriptions

A monthly Parrot Safe Candles subscription will help you ensure you get the candles and wax melts you want and need. On a month-to-month subscription plan, you can stock up on the candles you want and cancel anytime. Time your subscriptions for when limited-edition candles come out and have your new favorite scents at a discount. 

You can currently snag your Parrot Safe Candles monthly subscription for $19.99 a month. Then you can take advantage of your monthly 15% off all purchases when you search for parrot safe wax candles for sale in our online store.  

Benefits of a Yearly Subscription

While a monthly subscription allows you a degree of freedom for when you can cut the cord, if you know you’re going to spend a fair share on candles, a yearly subscription can be the way to go. You’ll receive a 15% discount on every purchase throughout the store without having to worry about if you had auto-renew turned on. It’s a peace of mind that helps you know when you’re going in search of new candle scents; you’re going to get the best price possible for them. 

A yearly subscription to Parrot Safe Candles is $199.99 for the entire year. With the 15% off every purchase, completing a couple of large orders over the course of the year can pay big saving dividends in the long run. 

Sign Up for a Subscription Now

Making sure you have a stockpile of your favorite scented candles shouldn’t become an overly expensive exercise. With the help of the monthly and yearly subscription options available from Parrot Safe Candles, our customers can ensure they have the discounts they need to get their favorite scents — and try new ones — without feeling like they’re missing out!

Sign up for one of our subscription options and start reaping the benefits today!