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A recent National Pet Owners Survey revealed that around 70% of US households host at least one pet. That’s a lot of cats, dogs, and other animals out there in the world — and the numbers are only growing as time goes on!

At Pet Safe Candles, we think pets are an essential part of life. They’re more than just companions — they’re family! That’s why we’ve created a line of non-toxic candles for pets. So whether your family member barks, meows, swims, flies, slithers, or something else entirely, you can find the best pet friendly candles for sale online right here.

Why Non-Toxic Candles for Pets Matter

Many pet owners aren’t aware of this fact, but it’s all too easy to harm your pet just by lighting up a candle. The chemicals inside traditional candles’ wick, wax, and even packaging can pollute your indoor air, leading to possible health issues for your furry, fanged, or finned friend. 

Even though many types of candles can release harmful chemicals into your pet’s lungs, it isn’t always straightforward to find candles safe for dogs, cats, and other animal companions. Many candles labeled as “natural” and “organic” still contain essential oils that can harm or irritate your pet’s delicate respiratory system.

Enjoy peace of mind and help your beloved Boston Terrier, bearded dragon, or beta fish stay healthy and happy with our pet friendly candles. Each candle is carefully crafted to be free of any harmful oils, contaminants, or toxins. Plus, you’ll love the scent selection we have to offer!

Dog Safe Candles

We know that your dog is man’s (or woman’s!) best friend, no matter what. So show your canine companion some love in return with our dog safe candles. Just make sure you move any lit candles away from that wildly wagging tail!

Cat Safe Candles

Not every curious animal is a cat, but all cats are definitely curious! So purchase a few of our cat safe candles and keep your fuzzy friend from inhaling dangerous toxins. To keep your kitty safe once you’ve lit your new candle, place it in a location your cat cannot reach, and never leave any pet alone with a lit candle.

Bird Safe Candles

Birds have sensitive airways, even more so than dogs and cats. So in some circumstances, candles that are safe for dogs and cats aren’t necessarily safe for birds. However, we’re bird experts here at Pet Safe Candles, so you can count on us to make totally bird safe candles, too. (Need something specific for your bird? Check out our curated collection of parrot safe candles here!) 

Reptile Safe Candles

Does your pet have smooth scales instead of soft fur? Keeping your reptile’s living environment healthy is a big part of caring for these unique creatures. For example, our reptile safe candles burn safely without releasing any dangerous chemicals into the air that could cause harm.

Fish Safe Candles

Fish don’t breathe air in quite the same way that we mammals do, but they can be susceptible to changes in air quality nonetheless. After all, they still need oxygen to survive! All of our pet friendly candles for sale online are certified as fish safe candles, so you don’t need to worry about causing trouble in your tank.

Ferret Safe Candles

Ferrets are often described as having dogs’ energy levels combined with cats’ temperament. Unfortunately, that means they get into everything and are persistent about causing mischief, too! So protect your fuzzy friend’s respiratory system by switching to our ferret safe candles.

Hamster Safe Candles

Hamsters may be small, but they need TLC too! Keep your hamster healthy by choosing one of our hamster safe candles for your living space. Many hamster owners find that using one of our pet friendly candles at a safe distance from their hamster enclosure helps prevent their bedding or food from smelling unpleasant.

Rabbit Safe Candles

Whether you have a huge Flemish Giant or a tiny Angora, rabbits can be quite picky about their living spaces. So ensure everything is up to standards for your bunny with one of our rabbit safe candles!

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In order to ensure you’re getting truly pet friendly candles, shop online with us and enjoy all the cozy comfort of your favorite candle without the risk! If you prefer to use scented products without open flame involved, be sure to check out our pet safe wax melts and wax warmers. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find something that all members of your household can enjoy here!

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