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The holidays bring up a wealth of memories of times spent with family, friends, and loved ones. Whether it’s time spent at your grandparent’s house or time spent with your immediate family, each holiday has a special place in your heart since certain scents can trigger specific memories and remind you of these special times in your life. 

Our holiday scented candles cover a wide range of scents that evoke different aspects of the season, but it can be intimidating to pick a single fragrance. Our holiday candles can set the stage around your home while also providing your avian friends with a safe burning candle that won’t prove harmful to their lungs. But is our selection proving challenging for you to decide on any one particular scent? Our holiday candle sample box can help eliminate the FOMO and give you a wider variety. 

A Scent for Every Occasion 

The holiday season means something different to everyone, and picking a singular scent to capture the vast spectrum of feelings can prove challenging. Whether it’s something that makes you think of joining the family around the Christmas tree or other seasonal scents that spring to mind, a scented luxury candle can do wonders for the holiday spirit. 

A sample box can provide you with the chance to try different scents without committing to a full-sized candle or wax melt. So if one scent doesn’t meet your Christmas candle expectations, you aren’t stuck with a full-sized candle that you aren’t happy with. 

What Comes in the Box

Parrot Safe Candles holiday candle sample box provides our customers with a wide range of scents that help highlight different aspects of the holiday season, ranging from Thanksgiving-themed to holiday baking-themed to more Christmas-oriented options. We provide both candles and wax melt samples to give you the chance to try out the most comprehensive selection possible. 

Each sample comes as a single square of the scent. Our holiday sample box features sample squares of the following fragrances:

If you find you love a specific scent, you can visit our online inventory of parrot-safe wax melts for sale and stock up on the scents you want in time for the holidays. 

More of the Scents You Love

The holidays should be a time of year where you celebrate spending time with the ones you love and enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of the season. Instead of coming to the site every time you need to stock up on your favorite scents, you can sign up for one of our candle subscription boxes to handle the restocking! We offer monthly and yearly subscription packages to help you find the perfect candles and monthly scents to fit your needs.

Browse through our inventory of parrot-safe winter scented candles to get a better look at our subscription boxes and the scents coming your way today!