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There are times where you want to go on a nice long vacation but can’t swing it. With so many responsibilities taking up our time, carving out time for you to plan an actual getaway can prove challenging. In the cases where you can’t travel for your vacation, people have opted for stay-cations to stay at home and enjoy their downtime. But there’s still something missing from the experience to truly make it feel like an adventure. 

Instead of staring longingly out the window dreaming of sandy beaches, log cabins in the woods, or simply being anywhere else, you can shop for the right parrot-safe candles to transport your home to one of those destinations while you relax during your stay-cation. Parrot Safe Candles offers various scents that evoke specific destinations and help you feel like you have traveled a great distance instead of from your bed to your couch in your favorite comfy pants. And, unlike with other candles, you can create these aromas without putting your feathered companions at risk!

The Right Fruit Scent Can Send Your Nose to the Tropics

Lazing about underneath the warm sun drinking your favorite vacation drink from a coconut on a beach is a popular vacation activity. While your stay-cation most likely won’t include a beach (unless you get creative), you can utilize the right combination of scents to transport you to the tropics. We have Mango-Tangerine and Mango-Banana avian-safe scented candles to help you create that feeling of being somewhere on a beach without a care in the world, all from the comfort of your home. 

Destination Scent

Sometimes a scent can remind you of a specific place. Whether it’s a particular memory associated with it or the smells evoke the surrounding area in an explicit way, scented candles can transport you places with one whiff. One such scent in our inventory is the Black Sea scented candle. Evoking elements of the area can help you feel like you flew halfway around the world to visit this global destination. 

Campfire Under the Stars

Some people don’t want to travel to the beach or travel halfway around the world. Sometimes they want to get a tent, go into the woods, and camp out under the stars. Part of that essential camping experience revolves around building a campfire and roasting s’mores until the fire gets down real low. In those embers come some of the most fragrant aromas that remind you of these outdoor adventures. That scent has been captured perfectly in our Campfire Embers scented candle. You can transport yourself to the middle of the woods and smell that fragrant scene without having to worry about getting interrupted by a curious bear. 

Make Every Stay-Cation Unique

The best part of every stay-cation is utilizing different scents each time to transport yourself somewhere new. With Parrot Safe Candles, we have various avian-safe scented candles that can transport you to new locations and add a bit of pizzazz to your downtime. Browse through our online scented wax melt shop to find the perfect scents for you!