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Candles have been a consistent form of light and heat throughout human history. They represent the first ways that our ancestors illuminated their homes. With most of our homes running on electricity, candles have shifted away from being the sole source of light to being a more decorative part of the home. Additions to the makeup of the candles itself have led to a variety of different scents, burn times, and a variety of different chemicals that create the candles. Not all of these chemicals are necessarily safe for you or your feathered friends around the home. However, the candles found in our shop are both parrot and human safe!

What Makes a Candle Parrot Safe?

To make a candle truly “parrot safe,” it all comes down to the candle’s chemical makeup. Parrots, and birds in general, can become ill or even die when exposed to the fumes from regular candles. That’s because these candles contain harmful ingredients, such as:

While these materials can be truly dangerous for your avian friends, who have highly sensitive respiratory systems, it doesn’t mean that people are immune to the potential negative effects of these toxins. The soot from burning the candles can cause respiratory problems, or aggravate them in people who already suffer from conditions like asthma.

Our candles are made from 100% soy wax, without any harmful additives such as phthalates, UV blockers, and paraffin wax. Not only that, but we have created the very first avian-safe scent formula. Parrot Safe Candles offers a wide selection of scents that both smell heavenly and are entirely safe for you and your avian friends!

Safer Candles for All

Are you online looking for bakery scented candles, or any other scent? Do you want to ensure that they are entirely safe for both you and your pets? Then browse through Parrot Safe Candles’ online store and check out our selection!