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Dark Cherry Merlot Candle

Dark Cherry Merlot Candle by Parrot Safe Candles

Dark Cherry Merlot Candle

Safe for: dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish, ferrets, hamsters, rabbits


Dark Cherry Merlot Candle

There is nothing like a fine wine to settle the soul and relax you.
In this scent, deep luxurious merlot is complimented by rich cherries.
Sit back and allow your body to unwind…and all without the hangover!

Transform your space into somewhere you can spend time happy.

We LOVE our animals. They fill our homes with happiness.
But even we appreciate they can cause a little odor in the process!
Now you can buy a wax melt that will eliminate those odors AND keep them safe.

Forever vegan, our hand poured soy wax melts are ethical and eco-friendly.

Suitable for all animals & humans.
That includes dogs, cats, fish, mice, alligators, dinosaurs (probably) and –of course- birds!

Cherry & Merlot

The wick is 100% natural, made up of paper and soy.
Burns clean with 60% less carcinogens released in the air compared to other so-called clean burning wicks.

We are proud of our products.