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As seasons change, you want your home to reflect those changes. While embracing the warm and renewing scents that embody spring and moving away from the cozy warmth scents that evoke the winter, the scented candles you choose can help set the right tone for the coming season. As you bring the vibrancy of spring into your home, you want to do so without being too overwhelming for any feathered friends you have. 

If you are a bird owner, you have to be extra careful with the scented candles you pick due to their susceptible lungs. Some candles have chemicals in them that may not harm humans in low amounts but can be devastating for your birds. In most cases, you will need to find alternatives that are considered “parrot-safe.” 

Springtime Scents 

In our online candle shop, we have an array of nature-centric scents that evoke the feeling of spring. Here are some of our favorites that we’re sure you and your birds will also love: 

White Sage and Lavender

Lavender is a naturally soothing scent that people have gravitated towards for years. By combining this classic scent with white sage, we have created a fresh and clean natural scent that brightens up whatever room you decide to put it in. However, we recommend this scent for your living room or bedroom. 

Campfire Embers

One of the most spring-centric activities you can do remains going camping. With warmer temperatures, drier conditions, and clear moonlit skies, the adventurous outdoor types break out the camping gear and go to the woods. One of the biggest draws of camping consists of sitting around the campfire, making smores, and sharing stories. Suppose you want to experience the afterglow of a slowly simmering campfire without having to worry about the bugs or sleeping on the ground. In that case, our Campfire Embers candle is perfect for you!

Amber Oak Moss

With trees getting their leaves back and flowers blooming again, the smells of the forest are on everyone’s minds. You can get those fresh green smells in your home without having to go on a hike, thanks to our Amber Oak Moss scented candles and wax melts. 

With spring entering full tilt, you want your home to embrace the feelings of renewal and smell like the season. With Parrot Safe Candles’ online inventory of bakery scented candles and wax melts, you can enhance your home’s scent and make it pleasant for you and your feathered friends this spring!