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If you’ve ever had experience living with birds, you already know that small changes in your indoor environment can have significant consequences, so it’s important to only burn safe candles around your feathered friends. But birds aren’t the only pets you should consider when it comes to air quality. Cats, dogs, and other pets need safe air to breathe, too — and if you burn traditional candles, you could be exposing them to dangerous toxins and chemicals. Here’s what you need to know about candles and pet safety!

Burn With Care

Many people aren’t aware that scented candles can pose a hazard to their four-legged family members. But unfortunately, they can. Certain fragrances can irritate the nose and throat of your pet or worsen existing respiratory problems. 

The candles available at your local big-box store aren’t the only offenders. Even candles labeled “natural” or “organic” can be harmful to pets because they may still contain essential oils that are toxic for pets to inhale. For a more specific breakdown of the damage paraffin wax candles can do, check out one of our most popular articles, “Is paraffin wax toxic?”

What to Look For to Protect Your Pet

In order to protect the health and safety of your animal companions, only purchase candles that are specifically labeled as pet safe. Pet-safe candles possess these essential qualities:

Lead-Free Wick

Some wicks contain lead. Pet-safe candles should have paper or cotton wicks.

Natural Wax

Pet-safe candles should utilize natural wax such as soy wax, beeswax, or vegetable-based wax. Avoid candles that are unlabeled or have vague, hard-to-pronounce ingredients. 

No Irritating Oils

Many essential oils present in candles are unsafe to burn around pets. Pet-safe candles will only utilize oils that have been rigorously tested and deemed safe for animals.

Candle Safety for Pet Owners

Birds, cats, and dogs all share one thing in common: they can be too curious for their own good. That’s why even after you switch to pet-safe candles, you should still practice good candle safety. Open flames can burn paws, noses, and feathers. Even more seriously, a tipped-over candle could cause a house fire, threatening both your life and the lives of your furry friends. Here are some candle safety guidelines to follow:

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