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At Parrot Safe Candles, we take avian health seriously. It’s why we designed our candles to be safe and non-toxic for birds (and humans, too). But why are parrot-safe candles important? The answer lies in how a parrot’s respiratory system works.

By looking at the diagram above, you’ll notice that birds have lungs, just like mammals. Unlike mammals, however, they also have a number of air sacs. Most birds have nine:

These air sacs help birds to breathe more efficiently, allowing them to take in more oxygen when they are soaring at higher altitudes. 

The Basics of How Birds Breathe

Birds have “unidirectional” respiration, which means that the air flows in one direction. The air sacs are responsible for storing and pumping air through the lungs.  Sildigra

What this means is that birds are breathing mostly fresh air with higher oxygen content, even when they are exhaling. The flip side to this is that birds will also inhale more of any contaminants that might be in the air.

Why Does It Matter?

You are probably familiar with the concept of a “canary in a coal mine.” In the past, miners would carry a canary with them into mine tunnels. Because of the bird’s efficient respiratory process, the toxic gas would build up much faster than in a human; If the bird died, it meant there were dangerous levels of gas, and it would give the miners enough time to evacuate. Suhagra

If you are sharing your home with a parrot or any other type of bird, it is critical to know that these animals are far more sensitive to air pollutants than we are. Toxic fumes from a number of common household items, including cleaners, nonstick cookware — and yes, candles — can have dangerous or even deadly consequences. Many unknowing parrot owners have lit a candle or used other scented products to freshen their home, only to be met with tragedy later. 

The Need for Avian-Safe Candles

Parrot Safe Candles are created without many of the toxic additives found in other candles — there are no phthalates, UV blockers, paraffin wax, or other potentially harmful ingredients. That means that both you and your feathered friends can breathe easier. Shop our collection of parrot safe candles and wax melts today!